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These are the essays I've done for my course so far. They have all been distinctions, which means I must be doing something right!


This essay questions whether today anything can be sold if marketed in the right way. In my answer I refer to Coca-cola, McDonalds, space tourism and the black market weapons industries.

An economic theory essay, it asks to determine why the macro-level theory of FDI was replaced by the micro-level theory of the MNE and how this points to ownership advantage. I use the metaphor of the phoenix to discuss my answer.

This was a group essay, where we chose our own question from a case study. We explore the possibilities of whether Ducati, an Italian sports bike, should compete with Harley Davidson in the cruiser market.

This is my favourite essay. Asked to compare the business culture of the UK and that of Japan, I look at various studies made which point out differences in national culture, from which I refer to "origin of mankind" stories to explain these behaviours.

This paper asks to consider the reasons behind managerial behaviour in Korean chaebols. I use the Moonies cult as a lens through which to understand the culture behind seemingly illogical managerial decisions at chaebols.

A challenging piece to say the least, this is my first management report, where I offer IS solutions such as a wiki technology database system to improve the firm. More interesting than it sounds.

Choosing our own question, I examined the Challenger disaster of 1986 from a quality perspective, discussing whether quality management would be successful in changing  NASA's culture and thereby reduce the occurrence of accidents.


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